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From Kendall & Kimberly Carter

People choose to build homes for many reasons.  More space, down-sizing, or building the home of your dreams are all reasons people build homes.  The decision to construct a home represents a substantial investment and determination. 

There will be many decisions to make along the way, but none more important that the selection of the builder / general contractor.  This person will be responsible for making sure the project is executed on-time, on budget, and meets all applicable building codes.  In addition to these items, if you are choosing a log home as your desired construction design, you need a master craftsman seasoned in the erection of log homes.  Cedar Forest Log Homes is the type of company that you can trust and have confidence in not only their building skills but their integrity.

Many people select a log home design because they wish to participate in the building of their home.  With Cedar Forest, we were able to select what parts of the building we wanted done for us, what tasks we wanted to help with, and which items we wanted to do ourselves.  The experiences that we shared when building our home, we will never forget.  Each home is unique with its own challenges, but Casey and Josh were never stumped by any problem.  This is the peace of mind that you get with Cedar Forest Log Homes vs. a kit builder.  Please don’t let the kit home people convince you how easy it is to build your own home.  It is not an erector set; it takes a highly skilled, experienced craftsman to construct a home that you will be proud of for years to come.  These guys are truly problem solvers and great people to work with.
 If you are considering building a log home, do yourself a favor.  Talk to a lot of people about the log home building process, view some homes that are similar to your design, and then give Cedar Forest Log Homes a call.  You will not be disappointed.

Kendall & Kimberly Carter


From Louie McLain

I am a repeat customer of Cedar Forest Log Homes. That in itself should tell you something about their integrity. I am a very picky person when it comes to how things are made. Cedar forest Log Homes exceeded my expectations in the process of constructing the two homes that I have had them build. Their quality, timeliness, and ability to be flexible in any variations of construction are superb. If I build again I will definitely call Cedar Forest Log Homes again. Oh! And did I mention, Terry McCurdy and his crew and staff are all wonderful people to know!
Sincerely and honestly, Louis McLain


From Janice & Tim Smith

Honesty, Integrity, Quality and Value:
Those are words we see regularly used in marketing materials to advertize businesses products, services etc. However, it is seldom that the business can back up claims of Honesty, Integrity, Quality and Value. When we selected Cedar Forest Log Homes it was not because we were enticed by glossy marketing pieces it was as a result of several word of mouth recommendations. As soon as we met Vicki and Terry we were confident that we had made the right choice. The entire house building process was painless. The end result is that we have the house of our dreams. We have been thrilled with our log home. The craftsmanship is outstanding and we came in on budget.  The true testament to the quality of our home is that our house is now 15 years old and looks as good as new. We have NEVER had an issue with our house. Plus, we gained two of our best friends in Vicki and Terry McCurdy. Honesty, Integrity, Quality and Value sums up how Cedar Forest Log Homes conducts business.
Thanks Vicki and Terry.
Sincerely Janice and Tim Smith.


From Rex & Tish Hinkle

Morning Miss Vicki - 

I will have to say that I have never seen or been around a finer group of men. I'm talking about Casey and Josh.
I was told by a good friend of ours that builds high end homes in Franklin that there is an 80% chance of a homeowner getting a contractor they can't work with or just does a bad job... The workmanship that Casey and Josh preformed was just amazing. Their caring of every small detail was very impressive from start to finish. Their attitude towards each other and their work ethics is just outstanding. They consulted each other when a situation came up and didn't move forward until they each agreed on what needed to be done. That only took minutes if that. They both bragged on one another and their abilities. It took the guys 22 working days from start to finish.
Our home is between 175 & 200 yrs old(parts of it anyway) so we have been told. My wife and I have been building and re-modeling it ourselves for 38 years, & built my Mom's home and our office by ourselves. We understand what it takes to do the job. As a matter of fact, this is the 1st project we have ever hired out in 40 yrs of marriage. My wife was about to have a fit if she didn't get to help some. She helped Josh put the sealer on the walls and had a blast. He is a wonderful young man, and we know you are a very proud Mom.
Cedar Forrest Log Homes was the right & perfect choice. Custom built in every way.
Casey made a comment to me at the start of the job that his morals keeps him from making a bunch of money on projects. To my wife and I, that put a star over his head. You just don't see that out there now. We own our own business and work the same way. Our son, who is 37 yrs old, works with us in our business - so we understand the family business way.
I have enclosed several pictures of our little cabin(20 x 20 with 15' ceiling and a 8 x 20 porch) from start to finish.
We know that the building industry is in a real slump now, but maybe room additions such as ours just might be the answer for many home-owners. If there is anything we can do to help your company succeed and grow in this part of the market, please call on us. You are welcome to showcase it at anytime.
Thank you.....
Rex and Tish Hinkle
Mt. Juliet, TN

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